Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

Update time

Hi sweeties <3

I guess I should be talking about how sorry I am for not blogging recently, but honestly I just didn't feel like it. I wanted to do this whole challenge thing so badly that I somehow lost my will to blog. I just started at a new job and it is way more exhausting than I thought in the first place. I love working there and all of my coworkers are really nice but when I come home I just want to take a nap and have lunch. I get up reaaaaaally early and I have never been one of those to get up easily.
Right now I spend most of my afternoons working on a cosplay, exercising or sleeping. I didn't feel like dressing up at all for the first two weeks and then sudddenly I just felt like it and I purchased some new stuff online and dressed up, put on some make up, met up with friends. I restarted my life kinda.
As blogging is a part of my life I wanted to write a new post too, but I just couldn't find no inspiration.
I figured out it would be best just to start writing anything. I would find my flow again and in the end there would be a nice entry... well we'll see.
Recently I finished reading all of the so far released books of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series by George R.R. Martin and started re-reading Harry Potter. The books seem so incredibly short compared to what I read before xD
It's october already and this time last year I started my last year at the university. Everything feels kinda strange now that I realise that I'm not going back there. I really miss everything but in the end I know it's better this way. I have to follow my dreams and stop sticking with stuff I'm used to. (See how the post is evolving?)

At this point I feel like I'm finally starting to live my life the way I want it. It's not at all perfect yet but I'll just keep on taking one step at a time and I'm sure I'll reach all my goals.

So for now I'm trying to getting back to my online life the way it was before I started working. Rejoining forums and stuff.
I want to dress up gal more often and improve my style.

So for now I guess I will continue with the challenge but not on a daily basis. I will show some of my current outfits and talk about my life as always.

For a start here are some recent pics of me:

First I gave Hime Gyaru another try. I'm wearing my GLW wig with the matching falls and a prisila halfwig. I liked it quite well but it still feels kinda strange.

Well as I said I purchased some new stuff online! This is the first thing I received <3 my first d.i.a. belt! I'm so in love with it. Words can't explain... there's a small revolver on it and handcuffs too.

This is what I do while I'm not working on my cosplay... sewing new skirts for winter xD it's made of a really thick woolfabric and sooo warm and cozy! I think it would work perfect for a everday hime-inspired look.

And last but not least one of my recent nailarts!

I will post the next entry of the challenge today so stay tuned!

Love, M.

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