Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

why I've been absent for so long

Hi sweeties <3

I'm very sorry for not posting for soooooo long. I really didn't feel like posting anything lately. I've experienced so many great and so many awefull things within the time that I've not posted. Christmas was really awesome I had a lot of fun with my friends and family.
But between christmas and new year I had to work every day. It was uneblievably tiresome to just sit around all alone. At least around lunchtime when my best friend started her shift I had someone to talk to <3 (Yes me and my best friend worked at the same place <3)
A few days before the new years eve my boyfriend told me that he will not join the party we had long planned. All of our close friends from my region were there and he parited with his friends in vienna.
First I was really disappointed but in the end we still had a great evening all together.

Right after the party I went to vienna and spent my first week of the new year with my dear boyfriend. I prepared dinner for him during the last days of his work for the austrian army and afterwards we've been shopping and just enjoyed the free time together.
Last monday university started again and I realised that I have just two courses left until the beginning of february. Chinese and Gender in Science. So I have time to go to vienna already on wednesdays instead of friday afternoon. I use the time in vienna for studying, reading manga, exercising a bit and to just be with my beloved one.
This Saturday we had a party in Leonding. One of our best friends had birthday and we wanted to surprise him... well he found out almost a week before the party but still we all had a lot of fun. We had dinner at a japanese restaurant and I had super tasty kimchee nabe<3 Afterwards we played tabu and uno all night long and also almost all of sunday :DD
So at the moment (apart fro last weekend) my life isn't that interesting at all. But here I've got some great news too: This summer I'll be going to Lisbon <3 It's going to be just five days but I'm really excited to go there. Maybe me and my boyfriend will also go to Germany for a few days to visit Düsseldorf, Berlin and some other cities <3

But we'll see :D

For now I can't think of anything else to write about so I'll just end this here.
I hope all of you had a great christmas and will have a great year<3

Love, M.

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  1. oh that is really sweet, going to places with your boyfriend.. seem very sweet (:!!

    CMPang x